Inspire to Inspire’s Unforgettable Rolling Art Project

Sometimes I wish we could stop time, if only to catch up on writing about all of the great people we meet on the road.

A perfect example: last fall when we were workamping at groovy Hillshade RV Park in Gonzales, Texas, a crazy looking RV with an unusual pattern of blue and orange circle stickers pulls in next to us.

Later, we would learn that the stickers were the beginning of a rolling art project conceived by JeMA, a full-time RVer who hit the road with her husband and kids about two years ago and never looked back.

JeMA’s family lives and works in this rolling public art project, which they’ve named the Inspire to Inspire project. On her Facebook page, JeMA describes the project as:

A one of a kind public art project on the white canvas of an RV. Those we meet along the way add their colorful dot to the outside design of a Monarch butterfly symbolizing their unique inspirations in life. Everyone is invited to add their name to the growing list on our website. The idea is your inspirations in turn inspire someone else.

Since her rolling piece of art rolled in next to us about six months ago, it’s really taken shape as you’ll see in the video.


Meeting people like JeMA are a big reason why we love living the full-timing lifestyle. Until we hit the road, it would have been rare for us to strike up a conversation with a stranger parked next to us.

But now we know that everyone has a story, and if you can slow down long enough to find out what it is, you’ll learn that most of their stories are pretty darn interesting.

Life on the road is as unforgettable as most of the people you’ll encounter. This is real life. Why live any other way?

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