Onward to the Urban Jungle

It’s hard to believe our time in the south is almost over.

Our workamping gig at Hill Shade RV Park in Gonzales, Texas has come to an end. Yesterday we said goodbye to owners Michael and Christine Moers and their awesome family. If you’re ever between Houston and San Antonio, stop by and say hello. You’ll love their park.

We can’t thank the Moers enough for being so good to us. They are two of the most genuine, funny and down-to-earth people we know, and we hope to be back at their quiet little retreat again in spring.

Today we’re at lovely Landa RV Park in New Braunfels to hang out with NuRVers.  Oh how we missed the serenade of the train that runs through the back of the park. Despite how dissed it pretty hard in this blog post during our last visit, it’s not a bad place to be. Compared to some of the dumps we’ve been in, this one is first-class!


Tomorrow we’ll be boot scootin’ in Luckenbach for their annual Christmas Ball. Then Sunday, we’ll be blazing across I-10 out to the coast, for some sunshine, warm temperatures and family.

If you’re also traveling somewhere to see your families for the holidays, hoppy travels!  Where ya headed?

2 thoughts on “Onward to the Urban Jungle”

  1. How did Willie sing it, “mommas don’t let your babies sleep at Landa…”, that is if you can sleep at Landa. What a nightmare but without the night thus putting the emphasis on the “mare” or what was known in 13th Century Poland, Bulgaria, and other spooky sounding places as “mora” or (muahahahahhhh) that evil spirit – Incubus (or Succubus if you like the female counterpart). Either way, these were sleep demons (oh why not…muahahahahah).

    The formula is simple, add one trailer park adjacent to and imminent domain intrusive railroad line and you’ve got (muahahahahaha) noise that could and should scare the sole off a shoe (or out of an incubus but that would be soul wouldn’t it?).

    Noise is America’s way of saying the Dali Lama does not live here. We, us Americans, are a noise driven culture, try not watching television for one month, then try to watch television for one minute, notice the difference? Car radios, motorcycles with straight pipes, music in restaurants, the neighbors TV, is noise an American imperative?

    In my travels I’ve noticed most cultures include the making of noise as unreasonable when in the close company of others. Hong Kong is surprisingly not a noisy city, yes, it is a busy city and volumes do go up depending on the district you are in, but I would never characterize Hong Kong as noisy city. New York conversely is over the top noisy.

    Noise weakens us. It tires our minds and bodies. It steals our peace and thus is a near criminal and intrusive act of aggression. Humans need quiet. Our history as sapiens largely is one of timelines of quiet with occasional volume spikes quite possibly to give us heed that danger or a meal is near. Maybe our modern inventive ways have dulled the one sense that makes life so rich and rewarding – our hearing.

    I say we need an “occupy your cochlea” movement, one that makes not a peep for 24 hours. Where protesters raise their fists in silence, where we stick it to the man without telling him (or her).

    Enrico strikes but strikes quietly and quietly into that gentle night…

    PS: Muahahahhahaahahhh, muahahaha!

    • You’re so right Enrico, noise is exhausting. It must be why we felt like crap whenever we stayed at Landa. Well, it could’ve also been the loud late night parties, but nah….it was probably the excessive train noise.

      Never been to Hong Kong but I agree that NYC is over the top noisy. If I had to make a choice between NYC noise and Landa noise, however, I’ll take that rickety clickety train over the Comal River instead of NYC’s blaring sirens and roar of humanity any day.


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