More Music from the Range

It won’t be long now before we’re headed back to Slab City, so it’s high time we post a video from a night at the Range last year. Enjoy this medley of favorites by Chance. Better late than never, eh?

Are you a Snabber? If so, how long do you stay? You can’t beat the price, but we don’t stick around as long as we did during our first visit to the Slabs. If you haven’t been there yet though, ya gotta give it a go at least once.

I recommend leaving your expectations in the rig, and being there for the eclectic mix of live music you can catch at the Range on a Saturday night. During the day you can get a few holes in at Gopher Flats and have a good soak in the hot springs or see how the Slab City Library is holding up. See ya there!

PS: If you have any videos from the Range or Slab City, comment with a link!

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9 Responses to “More Music from the Range”

  1. We’re with Sam and Tracy – let’s plan on meeting there for NY’ers eve or soon thereafter and you can show us the ropes! And we NEED solar!!

  2. I think we should meet there and you guys can show us how to do the slabs the right way.

  3. Thanks, Jim, that’s kind of what I figured. We take our kids (and dogs) everywhere…almost everywhere, so I’m sure they’d be fine. They are little, so they are pretty well supervised anyway.

  4. What do you think about taking kids to the Slabs? Are there kids there? We are trying to sell our house right now and then buy a 5th wheel and travel…with 3 and 4 year old boys. The Slabs is (are?) one of the places we thought we’d check out.

    • We have seen plenty of kids at the Slabs! But they clearly seem to be “locals” … we’ve noticed a number of kids who seem to be growing up there. Not being parents, it’s kind hard to answer. If i had kids, would I take them there? Sure. I would just keep a short leash on them!


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