The Mountains Shall Bring Peace

Jim helps replace blades on Vickers Ranch mowerPutting in a good hard day’s work is good for the body. Put one in with good people, beautiful surroundings and fresh mountain air and it’s good for the soul. Do it on a ranch and you’ll likely get a chance to give your mind a good workout too.

I sit in front of a computer most the year, and have done so in fact for the past 25 years or more. There’s a scary thought.

While maintaining the leading WordPress mulisite community for canine amputation offers a daily mental challenge, working the hay fields at Vickers Ranch brings total peace. Just ask Perk Vickers.

Perk Vickers dedication plaque at Gold Hill Cookout

Don’t be fooled by the plaque atop Gold Hill. At 96 years of age, Vickers Ranch patriarch ol’ Perk is alive and kickin’. His secret? It must have something to do with his outlook on life – that and a daily dose of whiskey. Just ask him how he’s doin’ and he’ll tell you, “Every day is a great day.”

Jim helps stack hay at Vickers Ranch

Every day is a great day indeed when working with the Vickers. Ranch work at 10,000′ requires one to be fit for sure. And you can’t beat the beauty of mountaintop views or the calls of the coyotes for a good dose of awareness. Counting bales and troubleshooting a broken stacker or determining proper blade rotation on a multi-head mower tends to put the old noggin’ to work too.

Upper Vickers Ranch Mountain RoadThis kind of workamping sure beats staring at a computer screen all day. What do you do to exercise your mind, body and soul?

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  1. Looks like you guys are having an awesome time at your workamping spot. Love those CO mountains and certainly agree w/ the “they bring you peace” motto.


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