No Luck This Year

There will be no Luck for us this year. Luckenbach that is, Texas. But the year is only half over so at the risk of shoulding all over myself, I guess I should clarify.

Historic Luckenbach Texas General Store

We didn’t make our annual pilgrimage to Luck earlier this year. We were nearly in Texas when we had to high-tail it back to Humboldt for our friend’s unexpected memorial. Since we missed out on the cold Shiner, good people and great music, I thought I’d reminisce by sharing this playlist of live music videos from past trips.

A stop at Luckenbach General Store is highly recommended for any full-timer who enjoys authentic American singer songwriter music in an authentic Old West bar, or anyone just wants to see what Waylon and Willie were singing about.

Overnight boondocking is available in the field if no big acts are on the bill. Just don’t get stuck. But if you do, grab another Shiner and realize there’s no better place to be stuck. Can you tell I miss Texas? With any luck we’ll get back to Luck by the year’s end when we head back South again for the winter.

Guitar Parking at Luckenbach

With that said, I’m lovin’ our Colorado mountain summer! And while I wouldn’t necessarily call it “luck” we are very fortunate to be here. With the perfect climate, majestic views, fresh mountain air and occasional moose sighting, what more could we ask for? Except for maybe a couple nights at Hondo’s old hangout.

And with that said, what do you feel fortunate for? And where have you seen some of the best Music Americana in your travels? South by Southwest doesn’t count, that’s a given. Our visit to the Floyd Country Store ranks up there for us.

10 thoughts on “No Luck This Year”

  1. I live just outside of Fort Worth. Some great Americana music, Texas style, can be found at the stockyards, and in places like Arlington, where there are free concerts all the time. Catching Ray Wylie Hubbard or Guy Clark is a real treat, especially if you happen to be there when they just show up and do a show unannounced.

  2. We’ve been to a lot of great musical places. Our favorites have been southwest LA (Cajun country), North Carolina and VA for great bluegrass, the northeast and MN for great folk music.

  3. Texas does have the best music. Now most music, no matter what your taste, can be found streaming over the internet. Did you get a chance to go to Gruene Hall and see anyone? Robert Earle Keene, Texas Tornadoes?

  4. Looks like a COOL kinda place, but you’ve definitely got the best of everything in those CO mountains. It’s just the perfect summer combo of weather and outdoors. We’re already thinking we’ll come back again next summer.


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