Tribute to a Slab City Icon

People unfamiliar with Slab City are surprised to learn that there’s regular entertainment every weekend.

But on Friday and Saturday nights, you can count on music filling the air when musicians like the family band Drop 7 hit the stage at the Range or the Stage Door.

Sadly, the drummer for Drop 7 and mother of the band, Trish Scott, died suddenly on March 7. She can be seen here in this video we took, just two weeks prior.

Her death came as a terrible shock to all, since she was only 41. When news of her passing spread, our friends Jen and Johnny acted fast and got Slabbers together to successfully raise the money needed for her funeral expenses.

Here’s a video of Trish and Drop 7 during one of their last shows together.


4 thoughts on “Tribute to a Slab City Icon”

  1. God help us! George, Chris and the rest of the “Family” I feel the pain, you’ve lost a wife and mother and I lost a Sister and special friend. As a band you all give it your all, but this…….. I have no words to express…I’m in total shock….God love you all…….. Butch


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