Love Letters From The Heart

My wife told me not to get her anything for Valentine’s Day. I suppose I should be thankful for that.

“Let’s just send each other love letters,” she said. But it’s not like I can keep any secret shopping from her anyway, living 24/7 together in a 200 sq. ft. box. Nor can I get all crafty and surprise her with the type of personalized greetings I used to make with all our printers and graphic production equipment. So hear goes…

Dearest René,

I’ll keep this brief, because even the most eloquent words cannot convey the depth of my love for you. I cannot count the ways I love thee, for there are just not enough numbers. I know I don’t express it enough, but without you, I am but an insignificant spec lost, alone, in this big scary universe. You don’t just complete me. You make me all that I am.

With you by my side, I am a happy man. Your smile brightens my every day. And a night never goes by without your comfort giving me peace.

Above all, I am eternally grateful for everything you do. All that we have enjoyed, all that we have become, I owe to you.

Thank you for being mine.


~ Your Sappy Valentine

PS: Remember this?

Happy Couple at NuRVers Ralley Luau Night

12 thoughts on “Love Letters From The Heart”

  1. So sweet!! That almost made Kev turn around in that pic!! LOL. Is there a possibility that Eric and Juli catching the RVing bug? Hope the Slabs are allowing full treatment. Have fun. Kale

  2. I remember your wedding in Monterey some 15 years ago, a great time for sure.
    Jim and Rene,
    You’re the model of big and sustainable love! You’ve worked together, traveled together, raised three-legged dogs together, and even charted a fresh destiny or two together, the crucible of life has tested your commitment and it is strong.

    From our side in southern California, Juli and I wish you both good health and much love for the years ahead.


    PS: We’re in Yosemite this weekend and planning our first RV trek for later this year. Renting will be our first small step.

  3. Well how can I possibly top this?! I don’t think the pancakes I made this morning can beat that. Yep, I’m married to a romantic kinda guy and after 15 years together he still finds ways to surprise me.

    I love you more than anything in the world, even more than chocolate and blue drinks with umbrellas. I am intoxicated by your love. Thank you for all you do, silly guy.

    Together, we rule the world!



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