Slab City Seniors Rock Our World

Slab City: love it or hate it.

Lovers are tolerant individuals who respect the many different lifestyle choices here. Haters just can’t seem to turn away from the trash heaps and shiftless drifters, and usually depart within 24 hours.

One might assume that Slab City Lovers are younger folks on the fringes of society, but as our neighbor Bernie demonstrates, that just ain’t so.

Bernie and his wife are snowbirds, spending summers in Washington and winters here at the Slabs.

He built this RV himself, handles all of his own rig maintenance, and is building a new cottage by hand back in Washington. A former HVAC repair man, he spends his afternoons lounging and riding his ATV around the desert. He and his wife have been vegan for the last 40 years.

Bernie is 80 years old. His wife is 75. They’re just one example of the many reasons why we love staying at kooky places like Slab City.

Because you just never know who’s going to rock your world here, like Don the musician.

7 thoughts on “Slab City Seniors Rock Our World”

  1. We were completely charmed by the Slabs on our all-too-brief visit last November – so many awesome people gathering there. Can’t wait to spend some extended time checking it out more.

    Sounds like you all are having an amazing time there!

    • Cherie, you guys have to come back after Christmas, that’s when the majority of people arrive. We keep saying we’re going to leave, but something about this crazy place keeps us here!

  2. Sounds like its kinda like how some of the old little towns use to be…I was lucky to experience a few of them with my grandfather…It was a whole different world hang’in with him when i was a little guy. This day in age i’d be turned in to child services and be a product of….??? Let Don keep you rock’in! 😉

  3. Yup… I have friends out there right now, and they are the greatest! They are all nice retired folks with nice rigs and having a blast. They go back every year and hang out there, sometimes running to Mexico for dental work or prescriptions. They are good boondockers who don’t need the rules and regulations of manicured RV Resorts charging them 40 bucks a night. Go Slabbers Go!

    Many of them post here:


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