EagleSat Delivers Superior MotoSat Support

Here’s a long overdue shout out to the fine folks at EagleSat. This small family-owned business in Longmont, CO serviced our MotoSat satellite internet system the last time we had problems. Which was apparently not the last time.

EagleSat Repairs MotoSat F2 Satellite Dish on Artic Fox Fifth WheelAt the time we had trouble locking on to our Satellite, with frequent motor stall errors. My usual multiple calls to MotoSat for support, and their routine responses about upgrading firmware, resulted in determination that a shop repair was necessary.

We weren’t about to return to Salt Lake City again, and pickings were slim for mobile internet experts in Wellington, CO. Our choices were an upholstery shop that sold MotoSat systems in nearby Fort Collins, or driving a couple hours to EagleSat. We opted for the latter and were glad we did.

One phone call to Frank, and we had an appointment scheduled and parts on the way. The next week we spent a day with he and his son Adam working on our rig, and we were home before dark. They cleaned up our entire system, replaced all the motors, and yes, even upgraded the D3 firmware.

So here we sit now, waiting for another elevation motor set to arrive. As soon as we set up here on the slabs, the dish wouldn’t budge. After troubleshooting all I could, the first person I called was Adam. He was polite, generous with his time, and helped me determine that both our elevation motor was shot, and I could do the repair myself. All I had to do was call MotoSat for the part. Oh that, and find an address for shipping.

Slab City Community SignSolar Mike was kind enough to let us ship our parts to him. I’d be on the roof reassembling everything right now if MotoSat hadn’t left a message saying the part is on back order and it may ship out next week. At least they were kind enough to call and let me know! In fact, Matt was the nicest tech I’ve dealt with at MotoSat in a long time. Maybe he hasn’t been there long enough to develop the characteristic arrogance and impatience I have encountered in the past.

But there I go digressing once again. It’s just a good thing we now have our MiFi for internet service redundancy! I could think of worse places than Slab City, USA to be waiting on parts. Ones that cost money for instance. But if I run into any challenges putting our F2 mount back together, I know who I’ll be calling …

EagleSat is a satellite communications company specializing in remote site connectivity and network interoperability. They offer premium mobile satellite solutions for commercial use and the recreational consumer (Motor Coaches and RV’s). EagleSat offers a full-line of mobile satellite systems for Internet access (voice and data) and/or television reception. And they know their stuff – there is a reason they service MotoSat systems, but not sell them!

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  1. Another comment.
    Last year during our “WINTER” stay near Yuma, AZ, I passed a RV Parts store and noticed a tall pile of satellite stuff along side the building. Quickly turned in and saw the pile contained many MotoSat units. I hade just a few days before experienced a proble with the skew mechanism on my unit due to the drive mechanism tearing loose from it’s mount. Numerious phone calls and I could not find a replacement so I simply installed cap screws in lieu of the self tapping sheetmetal types, Worked great.

    But back to the scrap pile. I inquired about the pile and was told to take what I wanted for it was going to the junk dealer soon. Thinking about needing spare parts I selected a unit like mine and went on my way tickled pink.
    The unit was complete minus the controller but no matter, I have PARTS. Late I gave thought to and wonder why so many MotoSat units were on the scrap pile, obviously replaced, by maybe, Winegard units.

    Thinking of spare parts, I looked for and found a spare SD2 controller on ebay at a very reasonable price and bought it. Day or two later I learned the SD2 may be no longer functional and may need a software update.

    MotoSat people say Direct TV changed satellite ID frequency.

    I really thought my MotoSat would serve me until I retired from retirement. ie: RV’ing. Sure enjoyed my trouble free King Dome and now one is in my future.

    Have fun.

  2. Sounds like the sat setup has some serious design flaws.
    I’m Interested in the mifi, hows that working for you? Whats it cost and is it for unlimited or metered service?

    • The Verizon MiFi certainly has come in handy! We’ll need to wait and hear from the CFO regarding cost.

      We get 5GB a month, but there’s no daily cap. So we may be pushing the limit with two users. Speeds can be pretty good, but tend to slow way down during peak hours. Hopefully we’ll be resurrecting the dish soon. Yes, we’re still waiting for the motor to arrive.

    • Well, the sat has it’s drawbacks but overall I still think it’s the best option out there if you are going to be in the sticks. With our MiFi, we are pushing the envelope in the signal range.

      I do love that MiFi though and am glad we have the redundancy. We wouldn’t be here now if we didn’t have this thing. It was $99 to buy it with a 2 year contract and it’s $60 a month on top of the phone bill. I’ve heard you can get a MiFi for $200 and no contract though. It’s pretty unreal considering it’s size and how easy it is to use. But like the sat, it’s got it’s limitations.

      I dream of the day that Internet access is ubiquitous in this country. So sad that we lag behind in this area.

  3. Rene,

    I still am here in Humboldt County, and I shall be able to get a move up in Hawaii…one day…soon…KHSU on “The Stone Age with Dan Wargo” ( http://www.khsu.org ) Tuesday Night at Midnight/ Wednesday Morning CA Time…All is well, and on http://www.ypr.org ( Friday Nights-Mountain Time ), and on Voice Of Belle Plaine in Iowa…2 times each week!!!
    Real Estate is business… Shaun says “hello!”, and we are on the beer drinking binge now thinking of you both in the Desert.., and in sync with your Lifestyle.., out there…We need to bring something, right?

    Massive Respect,

    Dan Wargo and Shaun (Carlisle) Case
    2/3/10 5:07 PM CA Time

  4. Oh and I Nearly forgot to ask, I bet Moto Sat ask you to send them the old unit back. If they do, you can be certain that they refurb the motor unit and/or board and put it back in stock because they will know exactly the part that fails regularly. Be worth finding out and then you can keep it as a spare yourself.

  5. That’s really interesting Jim. You don’t suppose the motor has failed cause your rig was parked up for a while and probably a little exposed to all the rain and damp athmosphere you guy’s had.

    With the yachts and ships, you can almost guarantee that it will be a simlar fault with Thrane & Thrane/KVH fleet system if the vessel has not moved in a while. Everything is a bit stiff and when you fire up system, the motos and some circuitry can’t handle the surge load to get it all going.

    Conversley, if the vessel is using it’s sat coms all the time it’s at sea, the motor and/or belt pulley system in the dome usually fails after so many thousands of hours.

    Are the motors brushless in your system? You can try spraying a non water based PTFE lube in the bushings/bearings, gears/pulleys joints etc as well as a good contact cleaner (preferably marine grade) on any cable and plug joints etc. Works a treat on North Sea and Arctic Circle based ships and platforms.

    • Makes sense that the weather and the system sitting idle had something to do with the motor failure. All indicators point to the sensor that actually went bad, perhaps by a surge like you describe. But the sensor alone is not field serviceable, and the whole motor set must be replaced.

      And yes, MotoSat does require the parts be sent back, though assured me i would be receiving a “new” unit – which they have to build, hence the backorder. Maybe they have to wait for someone else to ship their failed motor back in for rebuilding!

      Thnaks for commenting.


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