Wrong Turns, Mishaps and Motosat Problems With a Smile

We hit the road yesterday for the first time since early December. And as with all first days on the road, things didn’t go quite as smoothly as we would have liked. We are definitely rusty.

First, we missed our exit to the Slabs, and almost ended up in Quartzsite. Drove about 25 miles out of our way.

Next, when we were in search of water, we took a wrong turn and drove another 10 miles in the opposite direction. The small road we were on was so flooded from the recent rains, we couldn’t find a dry enough place to turn around.

RV kitchen mishapOnce we got to the Slabs, I opened up our door, and saw hummus everywhere. Good thing the flour didn’t spill too!

As I proceeded to clean up the mess, Jim tried to turn on the Motosat dish. Guess what? That pain in the ass dish is acting up again, and won’t go up. Thank Dog we have Internet redundancy with our MiFi setup. If we couldn’t get online to manage Tripawds, we would be on our way to the nearest service shop. Apparently our F2 motor is dead . . . again.

All this, during our first day back on the road. In the past, I might have fallen apart at so many mishaps in one day. Because when you’re new on the road, multiple screw ups in one day happen a lot, and they can be upsetting. At least to me they were. Jim’s always been a little better about not letting them get him down.

But after almost three years on the road, I’m happy to say that we are both able to handle these things with a smile.

A few cocktails also work wonders.  Good thing we’re stocked up.

6 thoughts on “Wrong Turns, Mishaps and Motosat Problems With a Smile”

  1. Lol…I feel your pain with the mishaps. It’s a scary feeling not being able to find a place to turn around! Glad y’all made it safely!
    (btw…I have found that Pup is an excellent spill-cleaner-upper, depending on whether the clean-up on isle Doghouse is suitable for safe pup-consumption, of course)! Have fun….

  2. Hey.. glad ya made it to the Slabs. I got some good friends staying out there right now too. Hope the mud has dried up some so you can get around!

    • Hey Karen, thanks for reading! Tell your friends to look for us by the north end of the canal. Look for our three legged dog and there we are! I would say “look for the big satellite dish” but it’s not working! aaggggh!


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