Sushi and Dim Sum. Eating Well in Los Angeles.

Our time in L.A. is nearing an end. Over forty days of living in the big city, and we’re getting homesick for our rig. It sits outside under a tree, and the birds are having a party on our roof. It’s time to get the rig out from under the shade, and under a blazing desert sky, where it belongs.

Any time we spend in cities is reassurance that we did the right thing by choosing to live like hillbillies.

We drove on the freeway, and it took us nearly two hours to travel 29 miles. Things are too fast, too crowded and just too much for us.

We’ve had a good visit with the family. Also met some world-renowned canine health professionals and interviewed them for Tripawds. And last week, ate at two of the best Asian restaurants we’ve been to in a while. Both are located in the San Gabriel Valley, where my parents live. These dining experiences reminded us that living in the city isn’t all bad.

Happy Harbor in Rowland Heights served up the best dim sum we’ve had since San Francisco. We also ate at a funky little 40 year old sushi joint in the Hacienda Heights ghetto, Akasaka.

We haven’t had sushi in over a year. We just have a thing about eating sushi anywhere other than the coast. It’s just wrong, and to us, the freshest sushi you can get is definitely worth the wait.

The plan is to leave here on Sunday, after the rains end. We’ll head straight for Slab City, where we a warm desert is waiting for us, with dark night skies and solitude.

9 thoughts on “Sushi and Dim Sum. Eating Well in Los Angeles.”

    • Sounds great Kari! We’ll meet you at for the hot spring. Just look for the Artic Fox with the big dish, or listen for the barking three legged dog.

      • Uh, just one change to this: our dish isn’t up, some technical BS. So look for the three legged dog! We are along the east end of the Slabs along the canal. Look for the big trailer up high on the berm. We are just below it.

  1. Sounds good to me. I love DimSum and Sushi yummy!
    Hey, drive safely to Slab City. Hope the rain stops for you. SoCal got it worse than HumCo.


  2. Yay for being back on the road! We just left SoCal and we’re in Palm Springs on our way to Quartzsite to meet Kev and Angie today. WHY aren’t you coming to Quartzsite is what I wanna know 😉 At least to say hello.

    What are your Texas plans? Any thoughts about coming to Hillshade for a bit? We are stopping in Scottsdale for awhile and then heading to Gonzales.


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