It could be worse.

It can always be worse. Brain asked René…

What is Jim doing while you work for Satan?

jammin dude sidewalk board job As René answered, I am fortunate enough to be self employed with a full time job of maintaining the online endeavors of Agreda Communications. You see, the Tripawds Blogs Community has grown to consume most of our time. But while we do this out of passion and support for the more than 1,000 members, it really doesn’t make us any money to speak of. Hence the focus on running the endeavors.

Between attempts to tame the beast and battle spam blog registrations, I spend my day moderating forums, processing harness orders, developing content for promotional blogs, troubleshooting technical difficulties, managing member blogs, and playing host in our live Tripawds chat room. Oh, and I do this while playing Mr. Mom by keeping house and preparing meals, and feeding the beast.

But don’t get me wrong, Wyatt has come a long way and is actually showing signs he might actually show us some respect someday. And it could be a lot worse.

Liberty Tax Man Dancing FoolInstead of taking three long walks a day and sitting on my butt for hours on end staring at my Mac, I could be busting my ass like René, or worse yet dancing on some street corner hawking the liquidated assets of yet another discount furniture warehouse. Which I would gladly do if it came to that.

Though if it ever did come to that, I think I’d rather head back to our house and focus a little harder on these endeavors of ours. Talk to me come tax time.

Overheard in the LiveWorkDream rig recently:

“I’ve always told myself I would do whatever it takes to stay out of debt. Now I know I can.”

Or something like that. Nevertheless, I concur.

5 thoughts on “It could be worse.”

  1. Yeah, keep up the good work Jim. Much better to move heaven and earth for your own business than for someone else. What crazy things we’ve all done to stay out of debt?

    I once did all nighters loading pallets in a warehouse for three months (cold and dismal), loaded Range Rovers onto Ro-Ro ferry’s bound for Japan and the USA (yes, you can have races inside a ship they’re huge) and even a stint at the electric ride-on-toys department at Toys R Us over Christmas one year.

    By far the Toy’s R Us job was the most dangerous, challenging, a test of patience, will and nerves. Five year olds do not give up a free ride without a fight.

  2. Its true. And the wages Rene is getting aren’t half bad, considering.

    I feel the same way about debt. Always have. Don’t like it one bit. Nothing irks me like having to pay interest. When I was contemplating purchasing a home, looking at the amortization schedule would make me sick. Nothing like paying more than 2x what the house “costs” due to interest.


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