Sarah Palin Left for Dead?

Jim says I have my finger on the pulse of America in this new gig. If so, that’s pretty scary. Here’s what’s been selling lately . . .

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17 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Left for Dead?”

  1. Edgar Allen Poe action figure, huh? I saw the whole collection at a gift shop last weekend. My 10-year-old stepson just HAD to have one. He skipped over Poe and narrowed it down to Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Richard Wagner, and Jesus. He chose the Wagner one while we all looked on thinking: WTF?

    • A whole collection? OMG I had no idea! Is your stepson a child prodigy? Because I’m thinking that any kid who picks out a Wilhelm Wagner doll has got to be!

  2. So, Rene, are you the one putting a spanner in the works of the Great Satan by shipping wrong and mislabeled orders to David and I? Today we both got parcels from Amazon addressed to our respective selves containing things we did not order. The billing labels said that the intended recipients live in Utah and Kansas.

    Amazon told David to just donate what he got and not bother to return it. I breathlessly await a return email telling me what to do.

    If they don’t want the three books back that were in my box, Sarah’s fictional biography gets composted (to keep it out of the hands of innocent children) and the two D-Day books go to the local cat rescue thrift shop.

    • Susan, I didn’t do it! Although do confess to having wicked thoughts about putting some propaganda or at the very least a wad of gum into some of the stuff I processed, like the stupid Glen Beck books. “Fictional biography.” That’s funny!

      I’m not surprised that your order got screwed up though. With so many new people like me being forced to get up to speed in a matter of a week, it’s insane to expect that orders would go smoothly. I wonder how much money they lose trying to save money on production quotas?

      • I sent the required email and got a canned one back requesting that I return the merchandise and they will refund the postage. So, I guess I’ll do that.

        Oh, and considering what Poe often wrote about, i.e. death, I find the idea of an “action” figure ironically amusing. Does the raven poop on his shoulder if you pull a string?

        • I called Amazon this morning to see if I could just print out a return label and the nice lady said “We have no way to do that.” I said, “I don’t see why I should take my time to go to the post office and pay to return someone else’s stuff.” She essentially said that she agreed and that I should just donate the books, like David was told.

          Can you believe this? They would rather eat the cost of the merchandise than provide a pre-paid way to return it.

          Rene, did they talk to you guys at all about how this kind of thing is handled?

          On the other hand, I downloaded Adam Lambert’s new CD for $3.99 today on Amazon. Hope I like it.

          • Good for you Susan! I’m honestly surprised you got through to a human. I wonder where the call center was?

            Yes, I believe that they’d rather eat it. If you could see how much product gets eaten there at that one warehouse due to conveyor belt catastrophes and such, you’d know what I mean.

            And no, they didn’t talk to us about stuff like this. They don’t spend their dollars giving everyone an overview of the entire operation there, it’s just so huge. They only train you for the exact job(s) you’ll be doing, and nothing more.

            Adam Lambert…interesting. I processed a TON of those CDs today (strange to think that people still buy CDs!). Let me know what you think, I’m pretty clueless about this one.

  3. I am hooked on these posts about The Great Satan!

    You have such a talent for zooming in and out of the big picture/little picture to provide insightful perspectives (and to tell a great story).

  4. I’m stowing books & products at the Amazon FC in Kansas this fall. Here in Kansas, I’ve been stowing lots of Glenn Beck, Jim O’Reilly, and of course Sarah Palin books, LOTS of religious books. Last workday the first tote I stowed was full of religious books, the very next was full of porn! I think a lot of the product shipped from here goes to Texas and the midwest. In our break room, the TV is constantly on Fox (a/k/a “Pox”) News. Drives me nuts!

    • OMG i’m so sorry Dianne! I wouldn’t be able to eat if Fox News was on in our break room. I was stunned to be packaging up so many Palin books for shipment to West Coast addresses, even San Francisco, my former city, of all places!

  5. If you have your finger on the pulse of America, could you squeeze a little harder? Then, when America starts to turn blue and gets all wobbly, let go. You don’t want to kill America, just make it tingle.

  6. Even you guys are hawking Sarah Palin’s book right here on your website! Augh! Good luck finding a pulse of America. I think most of them are already brain dead.


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