New Satellite Finder iPhone Application

Now that we’re getting a new iPod, maybe I can convince René we need an iPhone! Just check out this amazing new iPhone app that lets you easily find any satellite…

This next generation satellite finder is straight out of Star Trek! What will they think of next? Simply point your iPhone anywhere towards the sky and all the satellites will appear on the live video screen. Kinda surreal and freaky, if you ask me.

The best part? Again, if you ask me … Now you can easily tell which trees will block which satellite. That’s a good enough reason for me to buy a new iPhone! Sure, like that’s gonna happen.

This new DishPointer Augmented Reality application uses the accelerometer and the compass of the new iPhone 3GS. The compass apparently has a bit of a lag, so when spinning the phone right or left the satellite belt is shifted with a slight delay but up and down works in real time.

Of course, I would have first hand experience with this if I had an iPhone. I only know because Alan let us know about this and other cool satellite iPhone apps he’s been working on over at My first post about his DishPointer satellite alignment widget has been one of our most popular posts here, so I just had to share this new cool tool!

2 thoughts on “New Satellite Finder iPhone Application”

  1. As someone pointed out on a Facebook thread in which someone was trying to decide if an iPhone was another gadget worth buying, these aren’t really “phones”. They’re pocket-sized iMacs that also function as phones, iPods, GPSs, address books, cameras, books, games, flashlights, travel alarms, koi ponds, calculators, etc. There’s even an app for processing credit card transactions.

    I really can’t imagine being without one at this point. It has made life in general and traveling in particular much more efficient and pleasant. I always have something to read, music to listen to or a game to play, along with being able to call home.

    Oh, and I just downloaded the free Photoshop app this afternoon.;0)


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