Snow Falls Today on Agreda Headquarters

Snow Day for AgredaGood thing I was proactive and washed the rig last week. I put roof protectant on that day too, which made it nice and slippery today when I got up there to shove a foot of snow of the roof.

I don’t know how much snow load our rig is rated for, but something tells me that this much snow is not a good thing.

Does anyone have good tips for pushing snow off a RV roof without breaking your neck?

The patio is closed. Hopefully in about two weeks, we’ll be on to warmer climates. October Snow Day

6 thoughts on “Snow Falls Today on Agreda Headquarters”

  1. We use a snow rake. I think that is the name. We got it when we had gutters put on our home. It extends out about 15 or 20 feet. It has a plastic head that is 16 to 18 inches wide is flat on the bottom. The handle is made of aluminum so it is fairly light.

    I works great for taking the snow off of the edges of our roof and may just the thing you need.

  2. Amazing how much damage snow can really do. Good call, and highly recommend getting the snow off the solar panel. If there is no where for it to slide when it melts, it will refreeze at night and become heavier…thus, a collapsed panel. Been there on that one…..last year lost 19 panels. Only recommendation for the panel is get it when it is powder with a brush or broom…..avoids scratching….have fun heading to warmer climates……MC

  3. It’s amazing how much snow you’ve had already! I guess we got out of there just in time. We have had a dusting of snow here in the mtns. of New Mexico but nothing like you’ve had. I hope you’re safely headed south! Be careful!

  4. WOW. Be careful up there girl! All that snow, I wish I can be there to snowboard~ We are dealing rain here in Columbus, Ohio… yuck…

    I don’t know how much snow load our rig is rated for either… I guess it is a good thing to find out if we ever want to camp somewhere that snows several feet at a time…

    Scottsdale, AZ and Austin, TX are both sounding really good right now~



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