Calculate Satellite Settings with Dishpointer

Here is a nifty little widget that would have come in quite handy when our Datastorm F2 GPS unit went bad. Though using it would have required for us to be online already!

Regardless, the Dishpointer satellite alignment calculator is still pretty cool.

We’ve included the Dishpointer Lite widget here for your use. Just select your satellite from the drop down menu and enter your location – city or zip code – in the box. The map and details will automatically update with the required elevation, azimuth and LNB skew for your satellite dish. Drag the map or marker to pinpoint your location.

Pretty cool, eh? If you think so, wait until you check out the full version. includes the complete Satellite Dish Pointer / Alignment Calculator with Google Maps. With the full version you are provided more options and features, including an additional map marker that lets you determine the maximum height of obstacles in ther line of sight to your satellite. So like I said, pretty damn cool.

The site also includes a wealth of information about satellite technology, more that anyone should ever need to know really. There is also a technical satellite help section with FAQs and the developer’s blog for satellite enthusiasts.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to create the clever Google Maps mashup behind the Dishpointer tool … just a chartered Engineer working on a PhD in aerodynamics. Thanks Alan!

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  1. Hey,I downloaded DishPointer Pro 8 days ago @ the price of $19.48.I activate my use wireless networks & Use GPS satellites activate DishPointer Pro raise my phone to the sky and the locations are not even close. Please Help.
    Mel Owens 404-446-7113

    • Sorry to hear it Mel, but we have no affiliation whatsoever with Dishpointer. As you can see above, this post is over four years old and we don’t even have a smart phone. Widh we could be of assistance, but I suggest you contact Dishpointer directly. If you want us to remove your contact info here, just let us know. Good luck!

  2. FYI: We just posted the video of the new Satellite Finder-iPhone-application! iPhone donations to this blog gladly welcome. πŸ˜‰

  3. A new DishPointer tool is coming soon. See the video here.

  4. ENGR.SHAHID ALI June 6, 2009 at 9:27 pm Reply


  5. I wonder if any one can tell me how…

    Sorry, wish I could be of help with that one. Thanks for asking, and good luck!

  6. I wonder if any one can tell me how can I get the 61.0W Amazona,here in orlando, current I have 61.5.Thanks.
    Robert Hupsel

  7. what if that line is red .. instead of green.. can i still get the signal??

  8. This is a nifty little plug-in. Sure would have saved me some time.
    I hope some day there will be a google earth satellite footprint plug-in.

  9. And thank you for commenting Lee! But thank Alan for his work on the program, we just posted about it here in our blog for the full-time RVing community.

  10. I only wish I could have found this site yesterday, having spent several hours attempting to locate the AMC-1 satellite this afternoon. I believe this will help me do some fine tuning though. Thanks for the availability of your program.
    Lee Wagner KRTM Radio

  11. i gotta go lie down, all this data gave me a headache !

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