The Price We Pay for Love

One year ago today, we made the hardest call of our lives.

In the most spectacular place on earth, Yellowstone National Park, we woke up that morning and understood that it was Jerry’s time to leave us.

The heartache of saying goodbye to our spiritual leader is still fresh in our hearts. Just thinking about it makes me cry.

Until that day, I never realized how the death of an animal companion could bring a person to their knees with pure grief.

Today, as I look over at ten month old Wyatt, a bundle of fur curled up in front of the fireplace, I know that we are setting ourselves up for another eventual heartbreak.

Their terribly short lives are the price we pay for having Dog as our Co-Pilot.

We posted this rememberance of Jerry on our Tripawds site today.

6 thoughts on “The Price We Pay for Love”

  1. George Carlin once said that every time you pick up a new animal, you are buying a small tragedy. Perhaps that true, but it’s worth the ride.

    Even with that rambunctious, hyperactive, and lovable tripawd of yours … it was a pleasure to meet Wyatt in the shadow of the Rockies. OK, it was nice to see you two again, as well.

  2. Our thoughts are with you. Though we do indeed set ourselves up for incredible heartbreak with each furry soul we bring into our lives, the joy, love, and enrichment we gain from sharing our lives with them somehow make the ultimate price paid a little less unbearable.

  3. Max is asleep on the couch to my left, Checkers is laying on a mat beside my chair & little Cora is curled up asleep on my lap beside the laptop. All is well for now. I know how you feel……. AL.


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