Who’s Training Who?

Meeting Our New TripawdHow can a new dog ever live up to the expectations set by your Forever Dog? Your one true dog who was so nearly perfect, so obedient, so smart, and so loving?

Well, he can’t. And you shouldn’t expect him to either. Because every pup is his own dog, and has new, different, and important lessons to each you.

And so, we are back at our place in Colorado, trying to get into some kind of routine and regular training schedule with our new Tripawd hero, Wyatt Ray. Wyatt is definitely teaching us different lessons than Jerry did. Mostly about patience, and dedication to the positive role that structure plays in life.

Considering the rough start he had in life, he’s doing pretty well. We know Jerry‘s watching out for him (and whispering in his gigantic ears, telling him to stop chewing up our house).

Here’s a quick video Jim made for our Tripawds site, that shows us in our backyard and along the roads where we live, with Wyatt, Tripawd extraordinaire.

14 thoughts on “Who’s Training Who?”

  1. Wyatt is a great dog, to think that would happen to Valentine ( my german shepperd) it is unthinkable. Those other people who did that to wyatt are ***king idiots!!!, they should be put to sleep.

    I was wondering if you guys could upload a video of a friends female german shepperd, she lost her front leg when she was 5-6months old. Now shes 4 years and she had 9 pups :D:D:D. To say the least, she runs pretty fast!!.

  2. I dont think Iever commented on Wyatt. What a great dog and a great name! Sweetie that he is. Troubling story! Why people do that to their dogs is unthinkable.

    Hope to visit all of you within the next year….without snow and we travel by car, plane but not HOT AIR BALLOON.

    Great video. happy South for the winter travels!

  3. He looks like he is definitely coming along well! Yes, the routine is essential to help pups turn out the way you want him to…..boy, I don’t miss that puppy chewing….lots of toys! Have fun!

  4. Wow Wyatt! You are looking so good buddy! Looks like you are living in puppy paradise…can’t wait to come visit and run around with you.

  5. Great video! Fabulous views! Wyatt is one handsome fella. And his human people are the bestest! Can’t wait to see you guys and meet him in a couple of weeks.

  6. So glad you found a property and a new family member!

    I noticed in your video that Wyatt seems to use his rear leg a bit “oddly” (aside from having only one, of course). Do tripawds, especially rear amputees, have a greater chance of developing hip displasia? Just curious. Thanks!

    Enjoy your new family member and keep up the great work! 🙂

    • Hey Jonathan, thanks for reading! Well, when a tripawd has just undergone amputation, it takes a long while for them to build up strength in the remaining limbs. They tend to overcompensate in the other one.s. Wyatt just had his amp 2 months ago, and his rear leg is still pretty weak, especially on these steep roads here. He had his hips x-rayed before surgery, and they are fine according to doctors. We will have paws crossed that he doesn’t get displaysia. Check out this video of his tripawd pal Codie Rae (her pawrents are the ones who told us about Wyatt). She’s also missing the same rear leg, and you’ll see how strong she is when she runs.


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