Packing for a RV Kitchen: 2 Years Later, the Final Tally

Boxes piled high in new spare roomOver two years ago, when our last box got taped shut and we bid farewell to our remaining stuff, I wasn’t sure if I could live with the few essentials that we had packed in the rig. I assumed we would end up buying duplicates of things we had put in storage.

But in all this time, we only needed to acquire a few household things that we had put in storage. They were:

  • Two kitchen serving spoons
  • Some dish towels
  • Drink pitcher
  • Toaster
  • Cookie tray
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • One Pillow

Keep in mind that this is just household stuff. The clothes we’ve acquired along the way are a whole different matter . . .

I’m kinda proud of what we’ve lived on for the last two years. One rule we’ve lived by for the fulltiming RV lifestyle is, when it comes to kitchen stuff, whatever utensils we have in the rig must serve at least two purposes. A single use tool has no place in the RV galley. In our new home base, I think I’ll stick to that rule.

The best advice we got for packing? Carol White’s Live Your Road Trip Dream book. Don’t hit the road without it.

4 thoughts on “Packing for a RV Kitchen: 2 Years Later, the Final Tally”

  1. Hi Rene –

    Thanks for the mention on the book. We also now have the packing list as a downloadable pdf at the website. It is $5.95.

    I so clearly remember when we moved back into our house after our trip. I was sitting in the living room one day and thought to myself, “why do we need all this stuff – we lived perfectly happily for an entire year without any of this!” The house really felt big and heavy around us for awhile.



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