And an Amputee Dog Makes Three . . .

Life never seems to go exactly as planned, but sometimes the universe makes things happen in a good way that you’d never expect them to.

We are so happy to announce the arrival of Jerry’s Leg-a-cy, and our new Tripawds spokesdog, Wyatt Ray Dawg.

Jerry, we know you would have a great time with this boy. He’s super hard headed and really smart like you! And while no other dog can ever replace your beautiful self, we know how much you want us to always love life to the fullest. Wyatt is showing us once again what that means.

Here’s how Wyatt came into our lives . . .

7 thoughts on “And an Amputee Dog Makes Three . . .”

  1. I just know, know, know that Jerry masterminded this whole thing! You needed Wyatt and he needed you. It was absolutely meant to be! I love that photo–OMG couldn’t be any sweeeeeeter! Please send to my mom?


  2. It’s about time you let the dog out of the bag! I’ve been checking here looking for your formal announcement of your new addition. I am sure Jerry is proud that you are continuing his legacy by bringing Wyatt into your lives…you can’t share all that love with just 1 dog, it keeps on growing the more you can share it….can’t wait for him to meet all the other family dogs! Welcome home, Wyatt Ray!

  3. Rene and Jim,

    He’s a beauty! Congratulations on the new bundle. And, he certainly has big paws to fill! I’m sure Jerry will be there coaching Wyatt every step of the way. Can’t wait to meet him!

    Lilla and Neal


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