Have you seen this DAF?

DAF Overlander All Terrain RVOur photos of the cool rig Johan and Dianne de Koe call home started an interesting discussion about this DAF Expedition Vehicle. A few people chipped in saying they spotted the nice couple, and one even researched their specs.

You can do that from the Dutch license plate which, it turns out, may cause trouble back home. If they ever return.

Johan and Dianne have been on the road – primarily off roads – for years. The box they live in has everything you might need. And with a kitchen, bathroom, solar power and plenty of water, they can go anywhere they want, except perhaps downtown.

DAF Overlander Expedition Vehicle InteriorWe met the couple and got the grand tour while boondocking at Lake Amistad, where we sent them off with our maps of Big Bend. They shared with us stories of worldwide travel in their DAF, and how they picked it up for a “bargain” – brand new, after it sat in Dutch military storage for ten years without ever seeing any action.

It’s easy to identify these folks and their awesome rig, what with Bibendum riding proud up front. They were spotted in Prescott, AZ on their way to Overland Expo in April by the Overland Journal owner / publisher who posted more detailed DAF photos on Expedition Portal.

DAF Overlander Expedition Vehicle Amistad LakeWe’re always on the lookout for cool rigs and campers, so we couln’t resist this photo opportunity at Amistad. Once that is, we realized Johan was not actually the military official we presumed he was before we saw their plates.

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  1. turns out that the box itself is Military (sort of a) shipping container, maybe an office/communications shelter or some other mobile dwelling.. Built tough..


  2. Wow. I showed this to Jeremy, I think we might ditch the toy hauler idea and just get one of this when we are ready to retire~ haha… nice entry! Thanks for sharing. Greetings from Chicago…


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