Our new Box and the ChipIn! Widget

Anyone who ever wants – or needs – to raise funds for anything online should definitely check out this ChipIn! widget.

We’re collecting contributions over at tripawds.com to help fund our first managed server hosting account. The community on Jerry’s site has grown beyond our current shared hosting plan’s capabilities. And it showed as poor performance in the Tripawd Discussion Forums and Chat Room.

So, Bob is provisioning our new dedicated server. Soon I get to learn cPanel and endure the WordPress migration thing for the tripawd blog and move the Simple:Press forums. That means this site will follow. Expect downtime over the upcoming week. Thank you for your continued support. πŸ˜‰

7 thoughts on “Our new Box and the ChipIn! Widget”

  1. Wow. Congratulations on blowing up your server! At $350 a month, it sounds like you’re going for the big guns. Was looking around at our own host (hostgator) and see they’re starting dedicated servers at $174/month. Jenn says to point you at it in case it’s more in line with what you need so we can get a referral kickback. =)


    Meanwhile, I noticed that our own hosting plan has come down since we signed up. Time to drop em a line and see about getting our bill lowered.

    • Big enough guns, but not so pricey. Our server has plenty of capacity, and a good friend managing it. The Tripawds fundraising budget includes $175/mo for the first year, configuration, data migration, and all operating expenses to keep tripawds up and running.


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