Blog Survey Book Winners Announced

Two Dorks in a Backhoe at Vickers RanchMany thanks to all of you who completed our 2008 LiveWorkDream Reader Survey. The five lucky winners of Fodor’s new Essential USA road trip travel guide are: Mary L., okim1, shadowmoss, Kim and Sam, and Augustin C. And yes, the drawing was random!

We’ve only briefly reviewed all the responses, but have already learned quite a bit. Like how there are quite a few total strangers out there living vicariously through us. How some subscribers never even visit the site, nor realize we have photo galleries and video playlists to enjoy. How others really enjoy our random photos. And how many of our friends and frequent commenters didn’t even bother filling out our survey.

We’ll eventually analyze the survey results, implement any smart suggestions, and post a followup with more details. Until then, thank you for your continued support.

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