It’s all about the people.

NuRVersWhen you live somewhere long enough you develop a circle of friends and a sense of community.

The same can be said for fulltime RVing, at least among the cool online RVers.

Recently we’ve hooked up with various road trip bloggers who we’ve grown to know via the internet.

After getting to know these folks through their travel blogs, twitter tweets, and forums, it’s been great to put some faces to the names.

Eva Darling Vantasy Girl with Vanta-CIt started with the rowdy bunch in Denver. At the first unofficial NuRVers Rendevous we not only met the Vantasy girl, but Kevin and Angie themselves.

It was there at Cherry Creek State Park where we also hooked up again with the Live Lightly tour.

travelling 12 feet live work dream RV bloggersLater, in Portland, we got to meet the kind soul behind all the heartwarming comments from LuvYourPets in the tripawd discussion forums.

And at the Portland Market our paths finally crossed close enough to Traveling 12 Feet that we got to meet Mr. Rikki in person. Or should we say Rique?

salmon by sam of kim and sams adventureThen at Champoeg State Park in Oregon, we caught up with adventurous Kim and Sam for some fabulaous fresh frozen wild caught Alaskan salmon as they headed south, to warm up from their recent northern exposure.

Finally at the Oregon Hatchery Research Center we just got together with the Cramers, who originally turned us on to the whole workamping thing when we met them way back at Seedhouse.

workampers jim and karen cramerWho’da thunk we’d have made all these friends online, and then met them in person shortly before seeing all our old friends once again?

I am sure looking forward to catching up with old friends when we visit our old hometown of Eureka, and to making many more in our travels to come.

7 thoughts on “It’s all about the people.”

  1. Wheeeee! Accidental find! I haven’t received my updates from your blog yet so I was surprised to see ‘me’ in here when I visited the site!

    SIDENOTE: Jim and Rene ROCKS! Their photos don’t give them justice. What a handsome, fun loving couple.


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