I am no nature photographer.

bald eagle taking flightRene used my better shot of America’s national bird for her Obama shout out. But this one of it taking flight over the Hoh River will suffice. It means I can check one more item off my “things to do before I die” list.

Call me silly, but I’ve always wanted to see a bald eagle close enough to take a photograph. And yes, it did take this long. But I never said it had to be a good picture.

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3 thoughts on “I am no nature photographer.”

  1. Are you sure that’s a bald eagle? That looks very much like a hubcap thrown in the air, or maybe bigfoot… or possibly a UFO. Hmmm, I’ve seen hummingbird pictures taken with grainy cell phones that better resemble Bald Eagles better then this photo.

    (did my jealousy show in this mail?)

    Hope your drive south went / is going well. Have a great Thanks Giving, and we’ll think of you while in Venice or on the Med.

  2. That means I beat you to it. I snapped a pic of a Bald Eagle just a few days after we parted ways the summer of 2007 and not far from where we camped together.



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