Coast to Coast, to Coast

After nearly thirty thousand miles and a year and a half on the road it feels like we’ve completed the circle of our journey. Or at least the first one.

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From Portland where we picked up our trailer so many moons ago, down the damp Oregon coast, on to Eureka – just a couple hours away now – it’s feeling more and more like we have come home every day. But then again, home is wherever we park for the night. And I kinda like it that way.

Mountains, caverns, monuments, characters, Maine, Floriduh, Texas“Momma, Momma, many worlds I’ve come since I first left home …” Here’s to many more.

4 thoughts on “Coast to Coast, to Coast”

  1. You guys are getting close to home, but yet you are getting furthest away from us here in New Jersey! We miss you on this side of the country! You say “coast to coast”, but we want to see you near this coast too! All our love as always and best of luck too. Glad you finally made it “full circle”!

  2. The first time around was practice…Now your becoming pro’s and know what you want…likes – dislikes of the many options with wheels!!

  3. And just in time for the next round of rain ;-). If you have time to come all the way out to Dow’s Prairie, it would be great to see you both! Consider yourselves invitied.


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