Counting the Stars . . . and My Blessings

Vickers Ranch Lake City private fishing lakeIt’s a perfect, sunny summer day in Lake City, and we just returned from last night’s camp out, high atop the Vicker’s property, at about 10,500′ elevation and only accessible via 4×4 jeep roads.

We ventured up to see the yearly Perseids meteor showers, which are at their peak this week, after 2:30 AM.

I’ve always wanted to watch the Perseids. When we lived in Humboldt County, we never saw them because the skies were always too overcast. Finally, last night under a carpet of twinkling stars, we watched the show. I counted 62 shooting stars between 2:45 am and 4:15 am.

This morning I awoke to warm sunshine, and looked out in awe at the beautiful lake, aspens and spruce trees. I thought; “We used to backpack for miles to get to untouched wilderness like this. Now here we are, the entire place to ourselves, and we got to it in less than 20 minutes!”

This was all I needed to remind myself that, despite the hard work we’ve been doing all summer, this unusual life of ours is still like a dream. I don’t ever want us to wake up from it.

7 thoughts on “Counting the Stars . . . and My Blessings”

  1. I have yet to see this meteor shower. I can’t seem to make myself stay up to see it! Sounds like you had a beautiful night. Isn’t it great living live the way you do? 🙂

  2. Rikki, that is awesome, congratulations on taking such a big leap of faith. Yeah, it’s scary sometimes. But overall, we are so much happier now than we ever were when we had ties to a home and bills and all that debt that goes along with it.

    Hope we can hook up soon!

    Jacq….yah, life is definitely good.

  3. Oh, I love laying under the countless stars in the middle of no where. Makes me feel so small, yet overwhelmed with joy how wonderful life is.

    This really reminds me of the one night we were out camping on South Padre Island where there was no one in sight, clear sky and you can see the milky way and lots of shooting stars…

    mmmm…. life is good.

  4. Jim and Rene,

    someone told me the showers were at 4:30 am, and i said i dont take showers in the wee hours of the morning. not for water, not for meteors.

    i guess i should have just taken the risk – even just look outside the window to see. im sure i would have caught some of them an hour or so after midnight here in Napa.

    just wanted to let you know that you guys are popping in my mind a lot lately, chris and i took the plunge, rented our condo in Emeryville, CA and staying full time in the RV since two Thursdays ago. whenever i doubt our situation, i remind myself about people like you who are happy – working really hard, but HAPPY – and then i assure myself it’s gonna be fine.

    im raising a good glass of red with Chaz on that toast. To life, to work, to dreams!!!


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