Happy Father’s Day to My Road Trippin’ Dad

Raul AgredanoDad,

Thanks for those summer vacations, when you packed up the family and took us to the Sierras and beyond, to show my sisters and I what life was like outside of the concrete jungle.

In the shade of the pine trees and alongside cool mountain lakes, you taught us to love nature, to play in the dirt, to fish, to hike, to sit by a lake in solitude and just be.

Each summer, no matter what our destination, I loved watching the road go by beneath our wheels. At some point I fell in love with the idea of seeing more of this great big country, and knew that some day I would.

You passed along the road trip gene to me, which is why I won’t be with you on Father’s Day. I’m road tripping, Dad. I wish you could be here, or I could be there, but I know you of all people, understand.

Today in the mountains of Colorado, I am missing you, and sending my love across the miles.

Happy Father’s Day!

4 Responses to “Happy Father’s Day to My Road Trippin’ Dad”

  1. rene – you have some ‘splainin to do.

  2. Eric Auckerman June 16, 2008 at 10:14 pm Reply

    Uh, Jim, what if he doesn’t understand Spanish?
    Good one Mr. Cosmopolitan.


  3. ¡Papá feliz del día de padres!


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