Property Caretaking: Another Mobile Lifestyle Job Opportunity

Workamping at Organic Farm in Florida Workamping is a great way to find seasonal RV lifestyle jobs, but we recently learned of another group that connects responsible, wandering vagabonds like us, with property owners needing help.

The Caretaker Gazette is a newsletter packed with unique house sitting jobs and property caretaking opportunities all over the world. For example:

BELIZE. EXPERIENCE TROPICAL SUSTAINABLE Living. No experience necessary. Prefer couple or two adults to caretake Dem Dats Doin, a self sufficient integrated homestead. Age not a factor if you are in reasonably good health. A minimum commitment of four (4) weeks or more, anytime of the year.

COLORADO. RANCH CARETAKER COUPLE needed in Hayden, Colorado. A large ranch called Wolf Mountain Ranch is looking for a couple to reside on the premises and help out with daily chores. Housing will be provided and salaries will be based upon previous experience.

Like workamping, some gigs pay, some don’t. Many have great perks besides a rent-free place to live. For example, I know of a woman, along with her husband, who caretake a horse property near Santa Fe, where they’re allowed to board her horses for free.

We still aren’t sure what we are going to do a year from now, but at least we’ve found another way for us to explore our options for future business and lifestyle endeavors. It’s cool to think that we can have a go at running a ranch or huge private estate without having to actually fork over the money to buy it!

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  1. Just throwing it out there – my husband and I have tried Caretaker Gazette with no results. Doesn’t seem to be any really good positions there. Our experience has been that most people looking for a ‘caretaker’ are hoping to get a lot for nothing, which I’m not willing to do, and can’t AFFORD to do. If you are, however, retired, or have other income, perhaps you’re more willing to do work for free, or for a free trailer to live in.

    Good luck!

    • We used to subscribe and saw some great sounding gigs in there. I also have a friend who landed a great gig in NM with horse property for her horses, she was there for years.

      Have you ever taken a job from CG? I would say don’t give up, it’s my understanding that there are some good people advertising there.

      The caretaking we’ve done has been really easy but then again we aren’t counting on it to make a living, we do have other means of work. Have you found anything that can put some money in your pocket AND give you a place to park, or was it a wash?

    • I have used the Caretaker Gazette since the 1980’s and have taken great caretaking jobs from it. I have not had to pay rent in years. Their publication is the best thing I have ever subscribed to!

      • Thanks for the great feedback John! Keep up the good “work”. 🙂

        • Keep up the good “work”. –> I will Jim, however I do not consider my caretaking jobs as “work”. I mean, must of the caretaking gigs I have taken are simply living in someone’s home while they are away – and taking care of their property needs. I love my caretaking lifestyle! Wouldn’t trade it for anything!

  2. im interested ina caretaking job, i have a rv that i have been living in for five years, im 67 years old and wouldnt mind watching property for someone, even watch thier animals for them.

    • Hi Elaine Denney, did you read Jim’s email here:

      Jim says:
      May 8, 2009 at 2:32 pm
      Try signing up for the Caretaker Gazette and Workamper News. Good luck and thanks for asking!

  3. Lankycowboy May 8, 2009 at 7:09 am Reply

    How do we go about finding these wonderful sounding jobs?????????????????????

  4. Living on a ranch without having to pay for it seems to be a very interesting experience. I would love to try Caretaker Gazette and see what job is best for me.

  5. My family and I decided we’d give up on the “rat race” about 4 years ago, no going back… and no regrets 🙂

  6. I’ve learned about so many new things reading your blog. This seems like a great way to experience a lot of new things. Thanks for passing it on!

  7. This is really interesting. Its an idea that might work in the West, but in Asian countries like Singapore where I live, the people have a conservative mindset and most will feel uncomfortable having a stranger living in his property.

  8. Sounds great, what a great job for a lazy bum like me 😛

  9. That job in Belize sounds pretty good. Belize City is a lot like Eureka, California in so many ways, except that you can actually swim in Belize.

  10. Good information – I’ve heard of workamping, but I never thought about caretaking jobs you could get on the road. You’re right… imagine how much fun it would be to live on some big, fancy spread without having to pay for it!

  11. Jim, Diane and Jane,

    That’s great feedback about Caretaker, thank you! Yes, the jobs we’ve seen are much more interesting and diverse than Workamper. I’m hoping we can find something really great for this winter.

    Thanks for reading!

  12. I’m glad someone ask about “what kind of dog”..I was gonna leave a reply but thought i’d keep that one to myself…LOL.. Keep up the good work! Time for a cold one and a swim….

  13. Jim and Dianne June 14, 2008 at 3:39 pm Reply

    We enjoy reading your blog. Interesting new post. We have found some really nice housesitting positions through – Jim and Dianne

  14. Rene, I have used the Caretaker Gazette for years! Sometimes I just park my RV in the home owner’s driveway and housesit for a while – and other assignments have me staying in my RV on their property. is much better than Workamping!

  15. I’ve learned about so many new things reading your blog. This seems like a great way to experience a lot of new things. Thanks for passing it on!

  16. Eric Auckerman June 13, 2008 at 7:54 pm Reply

    Hmmmm, would that be a “goat’n retriever”?

  17. That is a goat, you goofball!

  18. Eric Auckerman June 13, 2008 at 1:53 pm Reply

    Hey Jim, are you milking a dog?
    I can’t make out what’s going on as your steady and calm beast looks like a white retriever.
    Inquiring mind wants to know?

  19. better to have tried & failed than never to have tried at all, old fartism !

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