Live Work Dream Expenses February 2008

Our First $100 FillupWell, our Workamping savings are a thing of the past, and February gave us a current reality check of what our expenses look like when we just play tourist and go out looking for all of the cool music, food and entertainment we want to experience.

Our biggest expense last month: fuel. We went over our budgeted amount for the first time ever. This is mostly because we went 1600 miles out of our way (round trip) for a quick trip back to California to visit my family. More on our L.A. experience later.

But meanwhile, be warned; diesel prices in California are at $3.99 a gallon right now, and around the west there’s no end in sight as long as our politicians keep allowing the oil barons to screw the public. If you’re planning on hitting the road, take heed and budget accordingly. I know that I’m going to go back over to the handy KOA Fuel Cost Estimator, and re-do my fuel figures. Then I’ll just keep telling myself….at least we’re not paying property taxes….at least we’re not paying property taxes….

Thankfully, to offset the increased fuel costs we’re experiencing, Jim and I are earning a little extra unexpected income thanks to our latest book we published about Three Legged Dogs. I’ve found that becoming a Creative Memories Digital StoryBook consultant is a great way to make some money on the side, without having to carry any inventory or deal with the hassles involved in running a business. If you’re interested in learning more, drop me a line.

Here is our RV Road Trip Budget Expense Report for February 2008

10 thoughts on “Live Work Dream Expenses February 2008”

  1. We have to travel for work to Ohio from Texas the last two weeks. The gas prices made our biz trip a big lose in profit. Pretty much have to paid to get this project done, since the client did not pay for travel expense.

    We are now staying at a friend’s house and had to park our RV at a storage in Memphis to escape the nasty snow storm in Ohio and hope to get the house sold before we have to hit the road again.

    I am planning to take a moto driving test sometime this year so I can drive the 150cc scooter we bought. (^_^) The scooter had saved us money on fuel traveling around town.

  2. Ha! Ha! Just wanted to see if you were paying attention.
    We are in SoCal because the powers that be are forcing me to renew my driver’s license, in person. I just did that today. Flunked the motorcycle test though. Guess I’m not an official biker anymore! Bummer!!!!!

    We’ll be here another week hanging with the fam, then working our way back to NM for our workamping gig at the hot springs. After that, Colorado till November. Why not meet us in Palm Springs when we are on our way out of this overcrowded smoggy state, for good?

  3. What’s the deal???

    You hightail it back to SoCal and you guys don’t go the extra 6 hours north to say hey?

    Man o man, where are you heading now?

  4. What’s the deal?

    Deal? It’s a stacked deck in favor of the few elite who continue to get richer, while the rest of us suffer with prices of anything transported continuing to rise!

    We got out of the graphics business just in time. Before we sold the biz, we saw a double whammy with the price of petroleum based laminates quadruple thanks to oil prices and transportation costs. There was no way a small shop like ours could continue to compete … who’da thunk the same goes for cookies. Thanks for sharing.

  5. They’re talking about gas prices going up to $5 a gallon (for regular) this summer, in the Northeast. I don’t know how I can make a living with that, because the increase not only affects the cost of getting around, it also drives up the cost of goods (in my case, baking ingredients). Which means I have to raise my prices, which means, down the line, people either buy less of my product or they raise their prices so they can still afford my product. This can keep going up forever, unless whoever’s in charge puts a stop to the cause of it. Funny that the Feds are so concerned about recession and they’re happy to send out rebate checks and help people out, but they won’t stop the rise in gas prices. What’s the deal?

  6. Oh you are so right about the Indian gas stations. They are SO much less expensive. We fueled up at one, but so far haven’t seen any others.

    About the biodiesel. Of course, we are always looking for it. In Austin, which supposedly has a lot, I couldn’t find the two stations near our RV park. Bummer. Since Austin, the only BD on our route was in Tucson, but we didn’t get to fuel up there either because we had a full tank. Sometimes being green is all about timing.

    We are in L.A. right now, and there is BD down the road from us. Other than this place though, there isn’t a whole lot down here in the depths of smoggy So Cal. When we go back to NM, I’ll be bummed because there’s only 2 places that have it, nowhere near where we’ll be workamping.

    BTW, diesel #2 in So Cal is up to $4.15 / gal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are the highest prices we’ve ever seen. California is allowing itself to get SCREWED!!!!!!! You guys need to make some noise, the Southern States are getting a much better deal on fuel these days.

  7. one other thing, are you able to locate any Indian Gaming area gas/diesel stations (casino’s/reservations,etc..)? The one near here isn’t subject to state taxes and therefore cheaper (at the moment).. That is until they discover they can charge the going rate (market even though they aren’t subject to some govt. taxes) and make even more money..

  8. still using/attempting to locate bio-fuels? How does that factor in? Does it come down to diesel being cheaper in the long run or just more plentiful or..?

    sunny and 47 degrees in Eureka..


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