Gypsy Friendships on the Road to Anywhere

It’s amazing what kind of events can unfold when you decide to go somewhere else at the last minute.

Myrtle Beach Mini GolfWe left Safe Harbor yesterday, not sure where we were staying just knowing that we were heading south to the Redneck Riviera . . .Myrtle Beach.

Along the way, I picked two campgrounds out of the Woodalls Directory — a private one, and a state park. When we got to Myrtle, and saw what a heinous tacky place it is, I pointed Jim to the state park, thinking it might be a little more down to earth than “Pirateland Campground.”

At the state park, we met Chris and Elizabeth, two 30-something urban refugees from New York City, who chucked all of their stuff, bought a rig, and headed out into the unknown for a year. Just. Like. Us. They don’t have kids. He’s a tech geek. She’s a PR writer. They were sick of the urban jungle and their careers, so they saved their dough and split. Just. Like. Us!

Chris and Liz are not only new RVers, but they are new campers. For two people who had never even been camping before hitting the road, they’ve really gotten into it and seem like old (young!) pros. Very impressive.

Young RV FulltimersWe hung out and shared stories over wine, beer and Turkey Day desserts, probably being too loud, and having a great time. The four of us are heading to Florida on our own timelines, but we will definitely hook up at some point to let the libations and road trip stories start all over again.

One of the best things about a long sabbatical and being on the road is that after a while, you start to let your guard down, which lets great people and events come into your life. We are so glad that Chris and Elizabeth came into ours.

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