My First Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Turkey Dinner Without the TurkeyThat is what Rene has been proudly calling this year’s feast. My answer is that every Thanksgiving dinner is a vegetarian banquet. It just happens to also traditionally include a large stuffed bird roasted to juicy perfection. Alas, not this year … and while our big dinner date was a day late this year, it was still delicious!

We spent Thanksgiving day this year at Safe Harbor Farm, on our last day as animal rescue workampers. We enjoyed a tasty dinner of Buffalo Chili with Dr. Lynn Swanson, who invited us over to her rig after we took care of the cats. I made some garlic bread, and we pigged out on red velvet cake after dinner. All the while, enjoying the company of Harley, a big lovable Dobie rescue and his various four legged friends. A good time seemed to be had by all. The only thing lacking was the trypophan.

Rene and I had done our own shopping the day before, thinking we would prepare our own little feast. Knowing all along that I wasn’t about to cook a turkey for myself in my little RV oven, I searched for some roasted turkey portions but couldn’t find any. Not too worry, we still had a good sized local organic butternut squash we picked up at the Blacksburg Farmer’s Market. And plenty o’ fixins …

So the next day, we packed up, said our goodbyes to all the animals, and headed to Myrtle Beach, SC where we made our big meal. We roasted the squash and had some brussel sprouts, made stuffing and mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy, and bought a pecan pie. I also made some fresh applesauce from a bunch of apples that Trish – another Safe Harbor workamper – had donated for the taking.

While this was the first time in over 40 years that I didn’t have turkey for dinner on thanksgiving day, I still have much to be thankful for. I spent last Thanksgiving driving Jerry home from UC Davis with one less leg after his amputation surgery. And this year he is still with us. Lynn gave him a checkup and gave us great news. I have a beautiful loving wife, and a comfortable home that enables me to see more of this country than I ever expected to in my entire life. We met some cool new full-timer friends who are actually our age. (OK, actually younger!) And the turkey can always wait. Cracker Barrel here we come.

6 thoughts on “My First Vegetarian Thanksgiving”

  1. So true about the Krishnas. I used to go to their Sunday feasts in San Francisco when I lived in the Haight. Had some of the best Indian food there. It was fun!

  2. It looks really delicious! If I may make a recommendation, try to get a copy of one of the Hare Krishna cookbooks. They have the best vegetarian recipes.

  3. Dear Jim,
    According to the esteemed journal “Science” there are two kinds of people on this world, those that eat meat and those that wish they could eat meat but have made too many oaths to abstain within their hemp-hazey circle of friends.

    That said, I ate a steak or the first time in 10 years yesterday and what an experience it was. This particular cut made each chew a savory pageant of beef juices that could easily invite addiction and other assorted reflexive disorders, oh but man was it good. So smooth and tasty, mmmmm, and with a hint of pepper, oh I’m there, I’m so there.

    Anyway, congratulations Jim on your restraint and capitulation to the other side.

    Best regards team – Eric.

  4. That is not so bad! I can remember a few “vegetarian” thanksgivings….what is really important is that the three of you are together….and that is the most important thing there is…..well we missed you three and spent it with the kids at the house in McCloud….the new generator charge controller is working really well….it cut the run time on the generator from 4 hrs to .5hrs
    I am still testing it but so far it was worth the investment. I hope to cut our propane usage down to 1/4 of what it was last year….we will see….

    Hope all is well and send me an email on how the system is working….

  5. Well, well sounds like you guys did ok- even minus the Turk. And I am sure Rene didn’t mind! You both know that we all missed you dearly,(kind’a sad-) but at the same time couldn’t be happier for you… Best time in your lives!!! Enjoy, stay safe & healthy.



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