Live Work Dream Expenses October 2007

We had a good month in October. Thanks to family and friends allowing us to park our rig on their properties, we saved a nifty little bundle on rent. Fuel costs went down too. We aren’t putting as many miles on the Dodge. If you’re interested, a full budget report for the last 5 months is available on our Fulltiming Resources page. And here is the link for the monthly Live Work Dream Expenses: October 2007

November marks five months on the road. There is still so much to see, and we are at a turning point. Should we travel around the south east to cool places that we know we’ll never live in (i.e., Florida, Memphis, Louisiana), just for the experience? Or should we skip ’em, bank the money, and start moving south west to focus our time and money on the places that meet more of our criteria (i.e., Arkansas, Montana or Idaho)? What to do?

4 thoughts on “Live Work Dream Expenses October 2007”

  1. Well I vote you head back to Idaho/Montana — i’d prefer you end up somewhere on this side of the devide 😉

    However, you are already out there how many other opportunities will you have to do the south east?


  2. hmm, ‘experience’ the nice, warm southern states during the winter or spend the cold months in idaho and montana? come on, go for it, bring out those snowshoes and parkas! you’ll need the banked cash for more winter clothing lol

  3. We just got back from a trip to Louisiana and Arkansas. My brother lives in LA near New Orleans so we have been there many times. This time we drove from New Orleans to Hot Springs Arkansas. There is nothing but poverty, abandoned towns, and horrible weather in LA. We did win $100 at the Hollywood Casino in Baton Rouge so not everything was bad. Hot Springs was pretty and there a lot of things to see there. We had planned to travel to the Ozarks but did not make it long story.

    I would recommend not spending any money on LA.


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