Farmers and Philly Cheese Steaks at Reading Terminal Market

We went to Philadelphia last week, courtesy of our tour guide Brian, who was kind enough to take us there during a major rainstorm – with is two kids (is he a superdad or what?). There was only one place to go to in a downpour, with two small children, and that was the Reading Terminal Marketplace (pronounced “Redding” for the unfamiliar). What a treat!

This video includes an interview with a local farmer, Mennonites making pretzels, authentic Philly Cheesesteaks being made, and much more! We have also updated our Full-time RVing Videos page which now includes a playlist of all our interviews with local residents and business owners across the U.S.

If you’re into gastronomical orgies, Reading Terminal Market is the place to go. It’s an old train station above, and a hundred or so year old marketplace below, with vendors selling everything from grass fed beef, to gourmet chocolates, to authentic Philly Cheese Steaks and more. The sights, smells and sounds are so overwhelming; don’t go there with a migraine, but do go there hungry. I wish we had a scratch and sniff video cam for your enjoyment, but here’s the next best thing.

2 thoughts on “Farmers and Philly Cheese Steaks at Reading Terminal Market”

  1. Very Nice!! You are right, the video does not do it justice. If only we had “smelevision”!! And you didn’t even include all the italian food, icecream, mexican, cuban, indian, thai, greek, vegetarian, and sushi cuisine!!! Everything for everybody!! Thanks for the memories guys!!

    By the way, it is pronounced “Redding” Terminal Market; No big deal.


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