Wanna see something really scary?

scary monster

Happy Halloween Everybody!

The photos are still up [were deleted due to FCC violations] if you missed last year’s hallowed party (Viewer Discretion Advised). This year it’s going to be pretty mellow. But if we do happen to get any camping trick or treaters, we are prepared!

I donned the costume above – it is a costume – in preparation for a party we were invited to while visiting my high school friend Brian in Pennsauken, NJ. Unfortunately, when we got there the gate was closed and there were no cars. It’s a really good thing we decided to call instead of walking up to the door, especially considering I thought I should go to the door first for a good scare. The party had been canceled since the host was in the hospital with a burst appendix. Now that is scary.

The Halloween Gang

All dressed up with no place to go, we returned for a quick photo and a big bowl of Gadzooks ice cream. At least we didn’t put too much effort into our costumes. Brian is an E-Mail … get it? E-Male! And no, RenΓ© is not a two dollar whore. She’s a buccaneer … Get it? Buck-an-ear!

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  1. I peaked at 2006…..pret-ty scar-y!!!!! Hope you had a great birthday, Jim! Looking forward to Turkey Day….Bring the costumes (from this year!)…we’ll pretend it’s Halloween! We’re ALL expecting you…Jerry too!


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