The View is Always Different

whistler gulch rv park deadwood south dakotaFor the record, the trees all over the hills around Deadwood, SD have always been dead. One can only assume that’s how the town got it name.

But one thing I enjoy about this full-time RVing thing is how the view from our kitchen table is always different. and whenever I look up through the skylight in our shower – yeah, that’s cool too – I get a kick out of the different view depending on where we’ve stopped.

Granted, it’s a gamble. Sometimes the view is breathtaking like at Silver Lake in the Sierras, Seedhouse in the Rockies, or Crags Campground in Bridgeport. And other times, it’s a freeway or the side of someone else’s big rig. Today we happen to be looking out at the side of an Intruder, the driver of which it seems is intent on leaving the exterior lights on all night. It’s give and take though, a very brief walks puts us deep in the Black Hills complete with old abandoned mining equipment.

So please be considerate to your RVing neighbors and turn off your exterior lights. They may shine directly into someone else’s bedroom window. And if you don’t like the view, draw your shades and rest assured that it will probably be better the next place you stop.

5 thoughts on “The View is Always Different”

  1. We heard this same complaint recently from a Eureka couple you know. A huge RV pulled in near them and left a flood-light on for the night. He finally had to get out of bed and go over to ask them to turn it off. instead of being apologetic, they were irritated. It’s probably happened before. One might hope that they’d get the message.

    They must have been touring in an “Attitude,” or a “Fury.”

  2. In my many years as a campground ranger, I have found that people seem to think that their campsite / rig is more secure with lights on. Sort of like a porch light at home. Although, they shouldn’t need to light up the whole ball park. One of the problems of private campgrounds is that the spaces are very close together like your picture above… More spaces, more $$$$$… Do you have Day/Night shades on your rig? Like this:
    Another option would just to contact them in the A.M. (unfortunately, after your sleepless night) and advise them, gently of the problem. Another way would be to get up and proceed to party outside using their light..:)..

    Great RV name, Intruder..Couldn’t be more appropo in this situation.. Meeting any alternative-type campers/rigs yet in your travels?


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