Satellite Internet Geeks Make Great RV Neighbors

Datastorm Satellite internet dishes at Crags CamgroundBy the time we finished setting up the trailer at Crags Campground on Robinson Creek near Twin Lakes our site neighbor already knew us by name. I couldn’t help but notice the MotoSat dish atop his Sea Breeze RV Coach when we pulled in, and I noticed him watching ours as it locked onto 91 West. I did not, however, expect what happened next…

When I came out of our rig with a Mike’s Hard Lime, ready to do some serious relaxing, this gentleman walked by and said, “If I’m not mistaken, you’re Jim.” Stunned, I paused a moment. “And your wife is René,” he continued, “and I’ve already forgotten your dog’s name.”

Being a marketing guy, you’d think I’d immediately realize the vinyl lettering I put on our rig was doing the trick. But it took me a moment. Long enough for this fellow Datastorm user to tell me what channel I was broadcasting on, how he couldn’t access my Admin page because my network was secured, and how far he bent over when purchasing his $14,000 Datastorm XF2. Perfectly happy with our F2, I really wonder what the added cost gets you besides the nifty blue glow at night… but I digress.

Crags campground was quite, with beautiful views and Mike – who spreads his “Mike Free From SeaBreeze” WiFi signal free and unsecured – made a great neighbor. I just hope we didn’t annoy him too much having fun with the Shapiro’s boy Conner and the dogs. We sure had a great time. I was surprised to hear his generator running numerous times throughout the day, even though he had at least three panels atop his rig. We had been boondocking for the past week and only ran our new Honda EU2000i Portable Generator once while we were parked in the woods at Silver Lake.

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