Hammock Tryouts: Strike One

no hammock timeStayed up late last night updating our full-time RV road trip gallery with the latest photos and videos. But no pictures can do justice to the outdoor adventures we enjoyed while dry-camping for the previous four days at Seedhouse in the Routt National Forest.

While heavy thunderstorm clouds kept us incognito in the woods, the weather was not so bad that it kept us from enjoying the great outdoors in the Rocky Mountains outside Steamboat Springs. Though the incredible thunder did freak out Jerry.

  • I hiked along the Continental Divide Trail and deep into the woods through heavy undergrowth fly fishing the North Fork of the Elk River. I’ve never worked so hard for such small fish, beautiful Brook Trout as they were.
  • We rode down the Burn Ridge trail early one morning for some of the best, most secluded single track mountain biking ever.
  • We gave our four wheel drive Dodge Ram 2500 a serious workout on a steep, narrow winding forest service road that seemed like a single track.
  • And we finally made the hobo pies we’ve been waiting so long to enjoy by a campfire.

All this activity – and the intermittent showers, however – did result in a lack of time for R&R in the hammock. Oh well, better luck next time.

9 thoughts on “Hammock Tryouts: Strike One”

  1. I thought you were talking about “hobo-stew” which is made with ground beef, potatoes and carrots. I wasn’t aware that hobo’s had a desert too! You lucky campers!

  2. Any hobo will tell ya, the best pie is made with white bread and canned cherry filling! And the hammock is very comfy indeed, it was just a little wet. I only got to spend a few minutes in it before it was time to go and do outdoorsy stuff. Not because of any ranger, though they may also like the clothes lines Rene likes to put up anywhere we spend more than a night or two.

  3. Strike one? does that mean the Ranger cited you for tying your hammock to a tree? tsk, tsk..Try some portable stands…

  4. Gotta love those Hobo Pies!!! Did you use gound beef or chicken?? And what’s wrong with the hammock? It looks very comfy!

    Love and miss you guys. Keep on Truckin’!


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