Bar Review: Sultana – Williams, AZ

Sultana Bar in Williams, AZNowhere does a long neck Bud taste better than in a dark old bar in a hot dusty Arizona town. This bar has to be one of the oldest. And this town is definitely one of the dustiest.

The Sultana Bar in Williams, AZ claims to have the longest operating liquor license in the state of Arizona. And they didn’t mind us bringing in Jerry so we just had to stop and whet our whistles.

From the stamped tin roof to the rough hewn log table where we sat by the window with Jerry this place simply exudes the Old West. The cowboy boots and hats warn by half the patrons are definitely authentic. As are the tattoos and long hair worn by the other half. While the Tommy Hilfiger clad tourists tend to pop their heads in and quickly leave, the locals we met were certainly friendly enough.

Classic Old Bar DecorThe well-stocked full bar is adorned with quite a collection of antique novelty liquor bottles and taxidermy. A large Moose watches over the door while a bear and mountain lion keep an eye on the crowd. The beer is cold and online reviews of the Sultana indicate they mix a good stiff drink. The juke box blares a raucous eclectic mix, inside and out. Bar munchies are available and live music can be heard on weekends. More good news: Arizona Bars are now smoke free. In our book, this is an A+ joint.

6 thoughts on “Bar Review: Sultana – Williams, AZ”

  1. still trying to find out the brand of bourbon we were served ,gone through a good few bottles! but still not found THE ONE! hope someone out there can help. Still the best bar by far & wish to go back one day

  2. We have a group that makes an annual trek to Flagstaff to attend an NAU football game. Each trip we stop in the Sultana for a couple of brews before moving on to our final destination. We’ve always enjoyed our stop and the bartenders have been great.

  3. Great Bar!! visited during a U.S RV tour. very friendly & imformative barman, but need to know the brand of bourbon served, as was like no other!

  4. Sultana’s is my favorite bar in Arizona. Every trip to the Grand Canyon we stay down the road and take a taxi to the bar. With so many people from all over the world visiting, you meet alot of interesting folks and you feel at home. Great place to hang out, have fun and enjoy!


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