Truth be told…

OK, I might’ve jumped the gun a bit with that last post. Needles to say, we’re just a bit excited.

The truth is: We’re currently working our way back to Eureka with our new Fifth Wheel trailer to wrap up the sale of our graphic design and production business – Marcom And POP. We have sold our home based business (and home) and plan to embark on a research and development raod trip to see what the future has in store for Agreda Communications.


René and I will retain the Agreda name and website domain ( The new owner of our graphics business will continue to operate the storefront and serve our clients with total graphic solutions.

What will come of Agreda? Well, we shall see… the new business plan calls for a three to four month discovery phase during which we will take a well deserved break from all the marketing, design, and production done non-stop for the past ten years. After that we will continue our search for the next big thing in our new mobile headquarters.

Stay tuned for all the adventures to come.

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