Day Two

Hitching up the new foxWhat a trip! And it’s just begun…

We enjoyed the first night in our new mobile home and drove another ninety minutes to another Premier RV Resort in Eugene Oregon. So far the trip has gone off without a hitch.

Well, not quite. We couldn’t have even made it off the lot without our new Pullrite Superglide Fifth Wheel Hitch. Having never towed anything before in my life, I was a little concerned about pulling a huge trailer. I hadn’t even really gotten used to the size of our new Dodge Ram 2500 yet… But this hitch made it simple! (Read on to see the video that confirmed my decision!)

Considering that we are RV Newbies and plan to be full-timers, we thought it wise to get only the best rig. That’s why we chose the the Dodge Ram and Arctic Fox. And after hearing horror stories about people smashing their fifth wheel trailers into their trucks when backing up, I decided it was wise to invest in the auto-slider hitch. I am 100% confident now that things like this will not happen…

With our Pullrite Superglide, whenever our trailer is 16º out of alignment from center, the hitch will automatically move backwards, pushing the trailer away from the cab of our truck. it is not motorized, just ingenious engineering.

With standard slider hitches, you have to get out to disengage the hitch lock then set the trailer brakes and move the tow vehicle forward to ensure your fifthe wheel doesn’t get to close to the cab. And with typical non-sliding hitches, you better be well aware of what you’re doing at all times.

Sure, the auto-slider is more money. A lot more. But all things considered, if you ask me it’s an excellent investment!

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  1. Ha!
    Jim in a “jumpsuit and feed-cap” that I would like to see!!!!

    Umm, what the hell is a feed-cap? I assume a baseball cap with some feed company’s logo on it? 😉



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