Getting our ducks in a row

The comprehensive online storefront, client intranet, and gallery that is the core of this business’ success resides at a dot com domain. (If you’d like to know what domain, please return our Non-Disclosure Agreement.) When we completed our trademark registration for the business name we also registered .net, .biz, and .info domains which we currently have set up to auto-forward to the .com website.

We are now tranferring all these forwarding domains to the same registrar and hosting provider as our primary website so they will all be maintained under the same roof. We have also extended the domain registrations so they won’t expire for a few years.

What does all this mean to the non-technical potential buyer? Simply that you won’t have to worry about it at all… This is just one step toward our goal of making this sale quick and simple for all parties involved.

With that goal in mind, we are preparing for an easy and seamless transfer of ownership that will be transparent to our clients so they will continue their dedicated relationships with the new owner(s). We are developing operational guidlines to support our training and transition to the new owners. All products on our website have been mirrored within Quickbooks to simplify accounting and inventory management. And we have prepared very detailed financials and other business information ready for review by serious potential buyers. We only ask for a personal financial statement in return to ensure that potential candidates are indeed serious about pursuing this unique business opportunity.

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