Every day is so different…

In 9 years, not one single day has been boring. In this business, every day is so different from the next. As long as you’ve got it in you to take each day and make the most of it, you’ll find that there’s never and end to things that need to be done. The biggest quality an entrepreneur needs is discipline, and motivation. Ok, that’s two qualities. But if you have those two things, you’re guaranteed to thrive.

But really, I’m not ever sure what to expect. For example, last Friday at 4:30 pm, just as we were getting ready to go to happy hour at the AA Lounge, a client who I’d previously sent a quote for, called with a huge rush order, worth $1k! Wow. Now that was worth being late for cocktail hour.

Then today, a guy who I gave lots of information and samples to about two months ago, finally placed an order directly through our website. He emailed his artwork, and it was perfect.

We did spend some time over the weekend working on fun production stuff, like cutting out mock boxes, but that’s because we’re taking a week off in two weeks.

There’s never an end to the variety and balls that we are juggling. And unlike the many jobs I had when I was a lousy employee, not once have I said “This job sucks. I’m bored.”

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