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Long time no blog …

Who’s got time to post blog entries while training the new owner on all the multi-faceted aspects of this turnkey design and production business? Not to mention all the packing, coordinating of storage, planning our next big adventure — more about that later — and increasing excitement of things to come! I’ll tell you one […]

Getting our ducks in a row

The comprehensive online storefront, client intranet, and gallery that is the core of this business’ success resides at a dot com domain. (If you’d like to know what domain, please return our Non-Disclosure Agreement.) When we completed our trademark registration for the business name we also registered .net, .biz, and .info domains which we currently […]

This one goes out to Don.

Here’s a sad but interesting coincidence … as if all coincidences aren’t interesting enough: Last week we printed a 7′ Magic Pak banner display for the National Brain Tumor Foundation. They placed their order by phone after reviewing our website and approved the artwork I designed for them on Monday. As it turns out, just […]

Learning from the Geese

I just love this time of year in Eureka… Throughout February and March, literally tens of thousands of once endangered Aleutian Geese stop by on their migration back North to Alaska. I understand the annual Morning Fly-Off at the the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge is quite a sight to see as flock after flock […]