Archive | March, 2007

The lights are always on.

This morning I awoke to a gnarly rain and wind storm. The lights flickered all morning, but nothing went out. Meanwhile all across the county, power lines were dropping like flies. One of the perks about living here is that despite our wild winter weather in Humboldt, the power always stays on in our building. […]

Getting our ducks in a row

The comprehensive online storefront, client intranet, and gallery that is the core of this business’ success resides at a dot com domain. (If you’d like to know what domain, please return our Non-Disclosure Agreement.) When we completed our trademark registration for the business name we also registered .net, .biz, and .info domains which we currently […]

This one goes out to Don.

Here’s a sad but interesting coincidence … as if all coincidences aren’t interesting enough: Last week we printed a 7′ Magic Pak banner display for the National Brain Tumor Foundation. They placed their order by phone after reviewing our website and approved the artwork I designed for them on Monday. As it turns out, just […]

Learning from the Geese

I just love this time of year in Eureka… Throughout February and March, literally tens of thousands of once endangered Aleutian Geese stop by on their migration back North to Alaska. I understand the annual Morning Fly-Off at the the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge is quite a sight to see as flock after flock […]