This one goes out to Don.

Here’s a sad but interesting coincidence … as if all coincidences aren’t interesting enough:

Last week we printed a 7′ Magic Pak banner display for the National Brain Tumor Foundation. They placed their order by phone after reviewing our website and approved the artwork I designed for them on Monday. As it turns out, just the day before my friend Don Wolski passed away after a long battle with brain cancer. We’ll miss you Don.

Don was the long time host of our local NPR radio station’s Bayside Hayride — a hokey yet enjoyable mix of old-time string band, bluegrass, folk and country tunes that airs every Sunday evening at 5:00 pm. He was also a founding member of the Redwood Technology Consortium — a local non-profit group serving as the primary information and educational resource on issues related to the technology industry on California’s North Coast.

What touched me most about Don’s struggle with cancer was the way the community turned out in full force to support him and his family. Once this tight-knit town was aware that Don’s treatments were financially challenging for his family, a benefit tamale dinner was coordinated with all the proceeds going directly to them. Hundreds of people showed up. Local businesses donated food, drinks, and services. And everyone had a great time dancing to the musicians who played pro bono.

That was the last time I saw Don and from the smile on his face I could tell he too was touched and impressed by the turnout. It reminded me of why we moved here from San Francisco.

In the city, we lived in a building with 23 neighbors, none of which I really knew on a personal level. When we visited Humboldt County after being pre-approved for a town home in the SFO flight path and ghettos outside the city limits, we discovered we could get acreage with multiple buildings and lots of fresh air for the same price. Best yet, total strangers would wave and say hello from their porches as we ran by.

Had this unique business opportunity we’re currently offering been available at the time, we would have been all over it. Now that we have done all the homework in establishing a diversified client base, proven workflow and viable business infrastructure, it is time for someone else to enjoy the hayride.

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