Bicycle Deliveries: Paid Time Off!

Went on A Bike Ride on this Sunny Spring Day
Went to drop a job off at a local print shop. We print ‘em, they cut ‘em. We’ve got a great arrangement going on. They bill us at the end of the month for the variety of bindery service they help us out with.

We’ve known the owner of this shop for years.
He’s the guy you want to get to know when you come to town. Be nice to him; he’ll “kick ya around a little,” knock those big city ways right out of you, then make sure you get to know all the right people and leave a good impression.

So when I take jobs over there, I get to go for a bike ride.
I can usually just put our printed job on my bike rack, and pedal down the street to drop it off. On the way back, I’ll go pick up our mail, and if my partner’s really lucky, I’ll stop at the nearby chocolate shop and bring him back a treat!

Just another day in Humboldt.

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