Long time no blog …

Who’s got time to post blog entries while training the new owner on all the multi-faceted aspects of this turnkey design and production business? Not to mention all the packing, coordinating of storage, planning our next big adventure — more about that later — and increasing excitement of things to come!

I’ll tell you one thing though. Having a yard sale these days is more work than I ever expected. Who would’ve thought the pros and early birds would be lined up and waiting when we went outside at 7:30 a.m.?!?!? One suggestion: A bloody Mary, or two (or three) certainly helps!

Get an estimate for storing all your furniture and crap accumulated over ten years, however, and you’ll quickly have plenty of incentive to purge. Yes, it is difficult to let go of that Pink Floyd T-shirt from the Momentary Lapse of reason tour. But there will be someone out there who falls in love with it and is willing to give you a few bucks!

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