Six Slick Sleds: Classic Snow Machines at the Willow Winter Carnival

One thing I always enjoy taking pictures of for our Live Work Dream galleries is classic cars, odd RVs, and other funky rigs. So, I was really excited to see the classic snow machines at the Willow Winter Carnival. Rene shared some of the Willowbilly Shenanigans in her recent blog post. But that was the day it was -36º when I cancelled my running of the Sven Eriksson. Postponed that is, now that I’ve officially completed my personal Misogi challenge.

Ski Whiz
1969 Massey Ferguson Ski Whiz

We’ve come across plenty of unexpected car shows in our travels. And, we’ve captured plenty of cool campers and other unique vehicles over the years. However, this was the first time I stumbled upon a lineup of classic snow machines. Literally, I tell you it was one cold and icy day! It was probably the coldest I have ever experienced. Yet, that is.

Classic Snow Machines
More Classic Snow Machines

The most impressive thing about these classic snow machines, is the condition they’ve been kept in. Especially in these conditions. These old beauties were all well maintained, and operational. Meanwhile a few of our musher friends all had a hard time getting their modern machines running that week.

Classic Snow Machines
1966 Arctic Enterprises Series 100

Snow machines – for all you lower 48s out there – that’s what the call snowmobiles up in these parts. One friend from down there I recently talked to thought we were referring to the machine that makes snow at ski resorts.

Skee Horse
Classic Johnson Skee Horse

This week is the big 2,500 mile Iron Dog race which starts just down the Road in Big Lake. They go all the way to Kotzebue and on to Nome before making the run all the way back on their snow machines. It’s promoted as the world’s longest, toughest snowmobile race. But I think that is just for media attention. Nobody calls them snowmobiles here.

Classic Snow Machines
1973 Polaris Colt

I doubt any of these classic snow machines made the trip to Nome. Maybe back in their day. But somebody has sure put plenty of time and love into maintaining them.

Ski Whiz
1969 Massey Ferguson Ski Whiz

Nellie didn’t exactly love how I wandered off to gawk at all these classic snow machines. But that was only because she absolutely did not love that Golden walking around them. At least she was cozy and comfortable in her Burley Ski Stroller. Don’t miss her review video, but I digress…

Nellie at the Willow Winter Carnival

If this is starting to sound like one of my Friday Five posts, I’m sorry. I haven’t done one of those in a while. And that’s for the same reason I’m throwing this post together.

Classic Ski Whiz Snow Babe

One of the best things about our Live Work Dream is that we get to live the dream by taking time off to enjoy days like this. Even if it is -36º out. But one of the worst things is that we have to work so hard to live that dream. And, I’ve been working hard in my new role as The RV Entrepreneur podcast host. That means writing more for The RVE News blog too.

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