Cool Heavy Equipment And Heavy Duty Trucks from the Gallery

My recent post about that fun excavator track repair project sparked the idea for this week’s Friday Five. So, I searched our 15+ years of RV lifestyle photos for heavy equipment. What I found was this random bunch of heavy duty trucks. And plenty of cool tractors…

hoe chi minh
Vickers Ranch – July, 2008

Okay, the ol’ Hoe Chi Minh isn’t such heavy equipment. But it’s heavy enough. It sure helped get the job done when I dismantled Cabin 8.

job for a backhoe
One Man Wrecking Crew

Operating the back hoe is fun, but that excavator is some serious heavy equipment. It sure gets the job done. Whether that job is expanding a lake, or moving a dead horse to his final resting place.

heavy equipment
The Gruesome Side of Workamping

I didn’t spend much time searching. But I did find some pretty cool and pretty old heavy equipment. Check out this doozy…

old heavy equipment
Old Earth Mover at Jade City

That old beauty wasn’t the only old heavy equipment on display outside the Cassiar Mountain Jade Store. Yes, that’s the Jade City from the TV show.

old heavy equipment
Jade City – Stewart-Cassiar Highway, Canada

While I was more interested in their old heavy equipment, Rene was much more interested in touring shopping inside Jade City.

big miner truck
Vickers Ranch Road

I did find plenty of heavy duty trucks in our Cool Campers and Rigs gallery. It was always fun encountering this big yellow truck coming down from the Golden Wonder Mine on the upper ranch road at Vickers Ranch.

old wrecker truck
Silverton, CO – May 2008

Many of those heavy duty trucks may not technically be heavy equipment. But I think their cool enough for a Friday Five. Did I mention cool old tractors?

old farmall tractor
Old Farmall on the Upper Ranch – August 2008

My favorite, of course is that old Farmall I’ve used to rake plenty of hay. Years later we found one in much better shape near our new home base.

Farmall Double-seater

And there I go, Ive done it again. That’s already way more than five photos for this week’s Friday Five. And, I was looking for heavy equipment!

St. Augustine – December 2007

No. Not that kind of crane!

Of all the heavy equipment and heavy duty trucks we’ve seen on the road over the past 15+ years, one stands out. The KiraVan Expedition Vehicle System is the most memorable, by far! Got a suggestion for the next Friday Five? Comment with a subject and I’ll see what sort of random collection I can come up with from all our Live Work Dream Galleries.

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